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    DVD - Heritage 45th Reunion Concert Live
    This incredible video contains over 3 hours of memorable music, a bonus section featuring a special tribute to Max and Lucy, plus behind-the-scenes footage of our 45th Anniversary Reunion Concert. Experience this unprecedented and unforgettable evening of music, praise and celebration! Relive awe..
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    Following The Spirit
    The Book of Acts tells a story that is familiar to us - making disciples amid difficult social, cultural and political environments.  But Acts also tells stories that are new to some of us - creative and innovative forms of church and leadership, successfully adapting to these different circ..
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    Disciple's Bible (NKJV)
    Especially conceived and developed for those who are dedicated Christian disciples, this Bible has the following features:  New King James Version (NKJV) Words of Jesus printed in brown Practical biblical tools for disciples: list of Jesus' mi..
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    Food As Medicine: Cooking for Your Best Health
    Good nutrition-and good health-starts in your kitchen! And this beautiful cookbook offers 150 delicious plant-based recipes developed by a nutritionist and cook for your best health, addressing the underlying causes of our most-common lifestyle diseases.  "In my earliest memories of coo..

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